About Laura

I am a focused, quirky, sometimes-awkward Christian hockey nut who loves to make the world a bit more beautiful & usable. Primarily on web, but I have dabbled in other areas such as print, video, illustation & industrial design. I can vector a logo, research your desired audience, and give you a space on the web. Telling your branding story is where I thrive. If you are looking for somewhere to start with the business you've been dreaming up forever look no further!

Since 2006, I have been designing & developing where ever I can. Starting in my high school computer lab where I was first introducted to photoshop and coded out my first webpage (yes, it was in a table, but you have to start somewhere). I have upgraded my tool belt from a table-based webpage to beautiful responsive sites, packaging that has been used and loved around the world, and banner ads that while we hate them drive potential customers to our websites. In my newest addition to my tool belt I have learned the joys and challenges of User Experience Design. Scratching the surface of that question: "What does my users/consumer/buyer really want?"

I am always looking for the next design challenge that it put in front of me. Anything from "How should we advertise for this event" to "how can we create a beautiful website to show off our product"

What do I do?

Web Design

Web design is my first love. The ability to create a space on the web to connect all people in the global environment.

Graphic Design

The world of graphics is always changing and going through ideation after ideation. I love there is always a problem to solve in a new and creative way.


Linking your brand together in the mind of consumers is critical for a business. I can help take already existing elements and make it stronger and longer lasting.

Mobile Design

Discovering the beauty of small spaces. The world of viewing information is changing and moving to a smaller screen. Is your brand ready to take on the small space?

User Experience

Do you consumers have a good experience when they are using your product or visiting your website? A good user experience is essential in a fast moving world.

User Interface

A beautiful user interface gives users a sense of security. A website needs to have a delicate blend of usablity and beauty.


Time to Airport App

This project was to create a product that would help users who wanted to travel in some way. I walked through the project to find out what the biggest problem to travelling was and how I could help solve it. I went through: user interviews, personas, card sorting, paper prototypes, user flow, information architecture, low-fidelity prototypes through high-fidelity prototyping. At the end of the project I realized the best way this project could be intergrated would be on the online app for an airline.

Invision App Link
Download the Presentation (PDF)


As a differenator project the purpose of this was to help bring some relief to tired mothers. On the edge of the blanket there was a QR code where moms could scan it and bring them to the SwaddleClub website. On this site there are help videos and the ability to stream white noise to help babies sleep. While this project never made a big impression in the market place we were able to get over a thousand unique users signed up and there is still continued support.

Swaddle Designs Mobile Site

This was my first professional UI design. Once I had started at Swaddle they were just about to launch their new desktop site, and after 6 months of having that site live they realized that a mobile site was imperative for the business with so many people shopping on mobile. Unfortunately the scope of the project did not allow a mobile site, but I did the best I could within the parameters. The biggest important on the mobile site was shopping. On desktop there is a lot more focused on the background information about the company and the designer, but on mobile we knew that people were just there to shop and if they wanted the rest of the information they could still access it, but it was not as important.

Graphic Design

City View Church Easter Billboard

Designed to advertise for Easter service it needed to be bold, informational, and also fit the brand of the church and event. Since it was on a billboard it has to be easy to digest as people drove by.

Laura Paden Illustation

One of my favorite illustration projects from college I took the idea of my name and in it personified what I was as a designer. The thick solid lines are to show the technology rigidness when working within a framework, but it also has areas to find creativity.

Seattle Illustated Icons

In a stretch project for me as an illustator. I wanted to make something that showed off where I was going to be relocating to and also stretch. I was able to put out a good product and learned a lot about best practices in illustating.

Programs and Technology

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Effects
Sublime Text
Microsoft Office
Magento Enterprise

Contact Me

Want to say hello? Want to know more about me? Give me a call or drop an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.